When Mermaids Mow Their Lawn

So here are the Garden Gate Hollow, we decided to go on a little harvesting adventure this year for Mother’s Day! So we packed up Vanessa (Our family van) and headed down on a drizzly Oregon morning to Lincoln City. My husband got us a room at the coast, and I absolutely wanted to take advantage of this trip to do a little seaweed harvest! The beach was beautiful. Our daughter dug down until she found the aquifer, and our teenage son, who hates everything even had a good time!


We even caught a glimpse of a few sea lions about 20 feet out, adorable!







The harvest was extremely successful, our basket was full and our stomachs were empty, so to the hotel we went! My husband surprised me with a beautiful hotel, with a fire pit and a hot tub. We enjoyed some lunch and relaxed after a lovely afternoon of shopping at the famous Lincoln City Factory Stores. We had a nice lunch and went for several walks on the beach. All in all, it was a terrific mother’s day weekend! File_006