Essence List

These are the Flower Essences that Garden Gate Hollow currently offers (but we are frequently adding new simples and blends). We sell simples (one flower) and blends in .5 fl oz (15ml) dropper bottles and blends only in 12ml spritz bottles. Both are $7 each.
All of our essences are made with a no-pick method. For more information on how I make Flower Essences, click here.

Flower Essence Simples (alphabetically)

*Bachelor’s Buttons (Centaurea cyanus)
Awakens the heart to recognize the spark of attraction that we should feel with our romantic partners. By igniting this spark of interest, we stir up old passions that have dwindled or attract significant others into our lives. This essence opens the heart to love.

*Beach Rose(Rosa rugosa)
Inspires continued hope and optimism. Use Rosa Rugosa flower essence when you lack hope, your life and the world around you seem bleak, or you feel sad.

*Borage, blue (Borago officinalis)
When facing hard times, remember the old adage: “Borage for courage”. This is the essence for corage, optimism, and fortitude. It is great for those who need cheering up. Borage can help change a negative attitude into a positive one. It fills you with encouragement to move forward, releasing discouragement and despair.

*Buttercup(Ranunculus bulbosus)
This essence allows you to let your inner light shine. Buttercup fosters self-confidence and self-esteem. Buttercup, is listed in the FES ­catalog as helping you value your own gifts and appreciate your ­worth. Almost everyone could benefit from this ­essence, but it is especially good for people who do creative ­work or whose job involves constant pressure to perform.
There is also an increased awareness of the fairy realm and of natural magick.

*Calendula (Calendula officinalis)
Calendula is very grounding flower essence, connecting you to the deep energies of the earth. It filters psychic intrusion. Use this flower essence when you don’t feel safe, and don’t know why, or when you sense “holes” in your aura.

*Comfrey (Symphytum × uplandicum)
Use Comfrey Flower Essence when you experience very deep emotional and psychological wounds that are usually from trauma, abuse and shock. The wounds could be recent or very old, from this lifetime or a past life.

*Crimson Clover (Trifolium incarnatum)-
I like to think of this as “Elsa’s Essence,” because this essence is all about letting go. Let stress, external issues, tension and things that cause a busy mind to slide off. This flower essence helps you to focus more clearly, making it fabulous for meditation. It also allows you to view yourself clearly, without all of the extra noise and declare “this is me.”

*Dragon Tail (saururus cernuus)
fosters humility with dignity.

*Lady’s Mantle (Alchemilla vulgaris)
Lady’s Mantle epitomizes the healing power of the green world. Patricia Kaminski says it best when she states, “just as the gardener must have a green thumb, so the person who heals with plants and wishes to serve the earth, must have a ‘green heart’.” This essence is fabulous for helping healers, herbalists, and holistic practitioners connect more strongly with the Earth energies.
It is also a supreme healer for women who have experienced pain, loss, or difficulty in the reproductive organs. Consider using this essence for pregnancy, birth, and recovery; infertility; surgical interventions in the female reproductive organs.
This essence was infused in the morning and then allowed to remain with the plant overnight under a full moon, thus absorbing the full moon energies, as well.

*Lavender “Betty’s Blue” (Lavandula angustifolia ‘Betty’s Blue’)
Lavneder essence calms the mind and spirit. It allows you to calm the clutter in your brain and think clearly without excess anxiety. It also quiets the mind allowing you to drift off to sleep. This lavender also helps your inner beauty to filter to the surface.

*Purple Mallow (Malva sylvestris)
This specific plant grows by a memorial in our garden, I do not know if other purple mallows offer the same assistance.
This mallow opens the heart chakra, allowing love to srteam in through the heart and travel through the body through your veins. This flower also adresses grief and loss by allowing the heart to gently heal without crusting over or being overrun with scar tissue. Or, it will help to soften exsisting scars, opening the heart to love.

*Queen Anne’s Lace (Daucus carota)
Use this essence for balanced opening of the third eye, it clears away mental clutter to help open a clogged third eye. This remedy is also great for for tapping into your clairvoyant abilities or improving clairvoyance. This is also an important essence for anyone who is experiencing a spiritual emergency.

*Scented Geranium (Pelargonium ‘Mrs. Taylor’)
This essence is all about confidence. It allows you to be assertive, in a diplomatic and polite way. Mrs. Taylor helps shrinking violets to be self assured, stand up, clearly vocalize and express in groups, espeacially when opinions are desired. It helps you to assuredly know who you are and embrace yor identity.

*Scotch Broom (Cytisus scoparius)
Use this essence when you feel despair and pessimism over world events that are out of your control. Watching the news or reading about global events that are out of your control and sadden you can leave you feeling paralyzed and downhearted. Scotch Broom helps you to see that your positive acts and thoughts locally can help affect the world at large.

*Sweet Basil (Ocimum basilicum)
Basil helps to restore the sacred aspect of sexuality. It can be used wherever there has been objectifcation, degradation or abuse, whichever side of it you were on. This essence helps to shift perspective from a purely physical act to the deepest expression of intimacy. Use sweet basil if there’s any shame or negative feelings toward sex, since it help ease those feelings of shame or sinfulness toward sex. This is also a good essence for couples who are arguing. It will help them to negotiate a peaceful conclusion to their problems.

*Tansy (Tanacetum vulgare)
Tansy motivates and nudges, helps procrastinators, promotes goal setting and purposeful action. It is helpful for those that find themselves in a rut, or feel sluggish and indecisive. Tansy is helpful for procrastination and indecision based on overstimulating confusion that tends toward lethargy and actions that undermine your self, talents and abilities. This essence can bring motivation, inspiration, enthusiasm and the vitality necessary to be self directed. It helps create optimism, stimulates understanding of your own responsibilities and thus insight and self awareness.

*Valerian ( Valeriana officinalis)
This essence is able to stabilize anxiety and bring a deep inner peace, even when there is outer turmoil. Valerian imparts a unique deep peace and tranquility in the soul.

*Wild Blackberry (Rubus armeniacus)
Blackberry flower essence should be used when you have difficulty accomplishing goals or transforming ideas into reality. This essence can help when there has been a lot of talk, but not much action. It is a great kick in the behind.

*Yarrow, white (Achillea millefolium)
The main function of Yarrow flower essence is to heal the aura providing a safe boundary from environmental stresses of every kind. It also clears your energy fields. This essence is wonderful if you are too empathic to the pain and emotions of others ( and need a break). Yarrow successfuly mends any weaknesses in the aura so that your personal safety is maintained without diminishing compassion and healing abilities.
This essence also gives you access to the highest frequency White Light that you are capable of using through the crown chakra into your brain and central nervous system.


Flower Essence Blends (alphabetically)

*Angelic Connection.                                                                                                                                                         Gently raise your vibrations & connect to angelic realms & beings as well as your personal guides.

*Creative Spirit
This blend aides in building confidence in your gifts and feeling inspired.
Tansy, Buttercup, Blue Borage, Wild Blackberry

*I Am!
Embrace the fabulous and worthwhile person that is you!
White Yarrow, Buttercup, Blue Borage, Lavender, Beach Rose

*Keep Calm and Carry On
This blend helps to de-stress and relax while maintaining a positive outlook on life.
Valerian, Blue Borage, Beach Rose, Lavender

*Let’s Twist This!
This blend is the kick in the behind we need to get out and get things done!
Beach Rose, Wild Blackberry, Blue Borage, Tansy

*Modern Warrior
This blend is for the everyday “warrior,” men and women fighting modern “battles” of life.
Blue Borage, Dragon Tail, White Yarrow, Wild Blackberry, Beach Rose

***Flower essences do not and are never meant to replace professional medical assistance or psychiatric care. Always seek medical advice for pain, disease, emotional issues and injuries.
*** Any information given, recommendations or suggestions made are not meant to replace medical or other professional advice on any subject matter. Nothing should replace professional medical advice for dealing with any given problem, or to diagnose – treat – prevent – cure any physical, emotional or mental condition or illness.