This is how I make a flower essence….

Flower essences are simples or blends of energetically infused and charged water that work on the emotional and energy centers (read as chakra) of our body.

Get a clean jar or bowl (preferably clear), jelly and baby food jars are fine. Fill with enough water to fill storage container half way.

Find a friendly plant with flowers. Have a quick chat with the plant, specifically the flowers, and ask if it is willing to help make a flower essence (it helps if you have had a relationship with this plant, not just meeting it for the first time). Listen and be ready for the answer to be, “no”, if so, say thanks and move on. If yes, get ready! Feel free to ask what it can do

essence wise and listen, this can happen at any time in the process (before, during, or after the actual essence making).

Center yourself, very important. Hold your jar and guide the stems so that the flowers are leaning over the edge of the jar mouth, feel free to touch the flowers to the water only if it won’t strain the plant. Now encourage and direct the energy from the flower(s) into the water (I like to picture a waterfall or cyclone). Continue until the flower says to stop, or you feel the energy flow stop. I have had flowers that seem to have an endless flow and others that give a quick burst. Thank the plant. Give your container a clockwise shake. Now, you can either be done and move on to the finishing step, or pop a lid on your jar or bowl and nestle it at the base of the plant, asking the flowers to contribspray-essencesute any more energy that they can to the essence. Leave the jar/bowl there for an hour or two (whatever feels right).

I don’t worry too much about sun, rain or overcast skies. I don’t use solar infusion as my method. The only time the sun is an issue, is if I wait until late afternoon on a hot, sunny day and the flowers are just too exhausted (kind of like people).
Finish off by pouring the charged water into your storage container, or leave it in the jar if that’s the storage jar. Add brandy until it is a 50/50 mixture (doesn’t need to be exact). Give the container a clockwise shake, label and store. This is the mother essence.

Now, it’s time to make up dosage bottles or blends. Fill a dropper bottle with 75% spring water, 25% brandy and 5 drops from the mother essence.
The key thing to remember is that this essence cannot be diluted, not that you shouldn’t, just that it’s impossible. The energy from the few drops will permeate and transform the rest of the water (which makes adding drops to a bathtub a wonderful way to experience an essence).