Our Lotion Is Our Devotion

We are going to take a moment to tell you about the various lotions that we offer at this time. I say “at this time” because who knows what the future holds (que the spooky sound effects). No, the reality is that we are frequently adding (and sometimes removing) products, we might create some new lotions to join our lines.

Back to the now!

Let us begin with our basic hand and body lotions. These lotions are anything but “basic”, they are filled with fabulous, skin loving ingredients. A combination of rice bran oil, shea butter and coconut oil, all hailed for their amazing moisturizing and nourishing abilities, makes up the “oil phase” of this lotion. These are then complimented by green tea and aloe juice! Now, as you might know, we are not fans of label fluffing. With that in mind, there is not just a small smattering of aloe juice or green tea, no, together they make up over 50% of this fabulous lotion. After creating this non-greasy formulation, we loved it so much that we decided to master-batch it.

So we make this lotion in large batches of unscented “base”. We then add fragrance at 2%, this gives us a nice “Golidlocks” scent (not too strong, not too weak, but just right). What does this mean for you? It means that the only thing that you have to worry about is finding the fragrance that speaks to you, because the basic lotions will all give you the same fabulous feel and moisturization. As I said, anything but basic.

Another lotion that we are proud to offer is our champagne body souffle. A quick side note…this should not be confused with our shower souffle.0202171740_Film1

So why is it called Champagne body souffle? No, you cannot eat it and get drunk, in fact, all of the alcohol has been boiled off. No alcohol, what’s the point of the champagne? Antioxidants. It also gives this lovely lotion a nice, powdery finish. This, too, has my favorite combination of rice bran oil, shea butter and coconut oil. There is also the delightful addition of calendula glycerite (made in-house from our dried calendula petals) both skin rejuvenating and moisturizing. Right now, we only offer this decadent lotion in three varieties, all made from the same master batch with on theme fragrance added to them, Original, Champagne kisses and Mimosa. This lotion is absolutely something to celebrate.

How about something shimmery? Oh good, that’s what we were going to highlight (get it? shimmer…highlight) next.

While our other lotions are made with no added colorants, these have a fun pop of color and a delightful shimmer and shine. They owe their hue to lovely micas, ultramarines and oxides. They also share their wonderful, skin lotion base with their basic lotion sister (aloe, green tea, rice bran oil, shea butter and coconut oil).  We will regularly change up and add to this line for seasonal inspired fun. So, keep an eye open for new shimmery offerings and don’t wait if you find one that you like, it might disappear with the season.cottingly beck lotion

If feet are what you’re interested in, then we have a lovely eucalyptus lotion for that.

If you want light, moisturizing face lotion, we have that. We make our face lotion without fragrance or essential oils so that it will be gentle on sensitive skins. Instead,, we get our herbal boost from hydrosols, glycerites and infusions made in-house from herbs that are either sustainably wildcrafted or grown in our garden. From our garden to your face, with love.

As of now, these are what we have available to choose from. If you are nearby, then we encourage you to come to one of our shows and try some out, select your favorite fragrance in person (might I recommend Sexy Witch, it’s our best seller). If you aren’t local, we will try our best to give a great description of the fragrance (olfactories may vary), or try a vacation in Oregon, it’s beautiful, wet, but beautiful.

Either in person, or online, watch for new additions to our terrific lotion lines.