Make way for baby!

Make way for baby (or baby fine skin).

We are happy to introduce our Wee Sprites Product line!

Wee Sprites are delightful for tiny, delicate hands and bodies as well as adult size and everything in between.

All of our Wee Sprites products are made especially with sensitive skins in mind, they have no added fragrance and are free of any other harsh chemical additives. These Wee Sprites rely on the goodness of nature.




This is fabulous for fussy sprites, fussy skin or simply calming and centering (fussy or not). This lovely lotion is filled with green tea, soothing oats and harmonizing lavender essential oil.

wee sprites tea

Bath Tea


Bath Tea:

Infuses the bath water with skin happy organic oats as well as lavender and chamomile (both grown at the Garden Gate). Put 1 tsp to 1 Tbs of the herbal tea blend into the reusable bag and tie it closed. Either place the tea bag in the water while the tub is filling or steep in a covered mug or boiling water for about 10-1 minutes and add to bath water. Remember, if this is for a baby’s bath, wait for water to cool down to warm, never add scalding water to baby’s tub!


Boo Boo Spray

This is fabulous for Wee Sprites, not so-wee sprites and grown sprites. What’s in it? Organic oats, chamomile, flowers, lavender

Boo Boo Spray:

The perfect size to toss in a diaper bag, purse, or hiking pack. This spray helps to soothe and ease ouchies from scrapes, minor owies and buggie bites. It achieves this through witch hazel infused with calendula petals (used historically to heal wounds), aloe juice (also used historically to calm wounds) and lavender hydrosol (crafted in the Garden Gate Kitchen, with love)



This is gentle on baby’s skin, palm free and free of harsh surfactants. What it does have is moisturizing coconut milk, chamomile, lavender and honey all mixed in to a happy skin creation.