It’s All About The Base

So, I’m a bit of a control freak (yes, I know that everybody that knows me is now gasping in disbelief)

That being said, I tend to be very obsessive about knowing exactly what goes into my creations.

Yes, it would be much easier and time saving to use a nice pre-made lotion, soap, lip or shampoo base, but then I have lost control over everything but the color and fragrance…not exactly my cup of tea.

It may be more time consuming, but I find it is so fulfilling to take raw ingredients and transform them into something fantastic. It is very similar to a cook who can either use a pre-made soap base and add to it, or simmer spices in water, creating a delightfully flavorful broth and make a rue to bring the soup together.

Our commitment to you, our wonderful followers, is to only bring you mindfully handcrafted products that are made from scratch with no pre-made bases purchased from other companies (I even make our castile soap from a soap paste that I created!).

We love you enough to bring you only the best!